Gratitude List

“We have to think of our brother or our sister as our self.  That every one is Christ.

Or each is a fellow soul who is also in a journey to heaven just like you.”

On February 13th, these were the last words I wrote for my journal entry but for some reason I didn’t write it.  It’s a different paradigm or way of looking at things although it is something usual for someone like Mother Teresa.  But not for someone like me who usually sees the other person as their personality goes.

Personality, for me, is a set of attitudes and roles a person carries.  I, for example, have the personality of a daughter who is almost a daddy’s girl as many says directly or indirectly.  I have the personality of a friend who is very eclectic or eccentric? and so on…

But as a soul?  What am I?  Who am I?

When I started looking for myself, of course I didn’t find myself.  But when I stopped looking for it, I saw it.  From time to time, I even feel it.  I am full of joy whenever my “self” emerges.  The “self”, which is just consciousness.  The one, which is perfectly still inside of you regardless of what you’re doing.  It is perfectly at peace.

Funny as I write this, I am aware of this still point inside of me.  It is not moving, yet I am moving.  This part of myself that is moving is I think my ego-self.  The one who thinks that you should be doing something.  The restless one.

How can this peaceful “self” and the restless “self” become one?  The yin and yang of my being.

I remember I am so drawn to tai chi.  The movement of the body moves with the inner energy or the “qi” they call.  The life force.  It has been one of my wishes to learn.  If there’s one thing that I really like to learn to do right now, that would be this practice.

I wonder if Jesus is actually practicing this by being an embodiment of love.  He walks and talks all about love and heavenly things.  When he moves, he moves with grace.  He moves from one place to another coming from the love within.  He just follows his heart.  It is his “qi”–the life force coming from the heart and the body moves in accordance with it.  He knows not where he’s going and yet he just follow his heart.  It makes me think that harmony is what he is demonstrating in his life–his destiny.  So whatever move he makes, the happenings in his journey, as long as he is in a state of harmony, his journey is his destination.

And that is I think what he meant by saving the world.


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