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February 22, 2012

I love my eyebrows.

I love my natural beauty.

I love my body.




Gratitude List
February 17, 2012

“We have to think of our brother or our sister as our self.  That every one is Christ.

Or each is a fellow soul who is also in a journey to heaven just like you.”

On February 13th, these were the last words I wrote for my journal entry but for some reason I didn’t write it.  It’s a different paradigm or way of looking at things although it is something usual for someone like Mother Teresa.  But not for someone like me who usually sees the other person as their personality goes.

Personality, for me, is a set of attitudes and roles a person carries.  I, for example, have the personality of a daughter who is almost a daddy’s girl as many says directly or indirectly.  I have the personality of a friend who is very eclectic or eccentric? and so on…

But as a soul?  What am I?  Who am I?

When I started looking for myself, of course I didn’t find myself.  But when I stopped looking for it, I saw it.  From time to time, I even feel it.  I am full of joy whenever my “self” emerges.  The “self”, which is just consciousness.  The one, which is perfectly still inside of you regardless of what you’re doing.  It is perfectly at peace.

Funny as I write this, I am aware of this still point inside of me.  It is not moving, yet I am moving.  This part of myself that is moving is I think my ego-self.  The one who thinks that you should be doing something.  The restless one.

How can this peaceful “self” and the restless “self” become one?  The yin and yang of my being.

I remember I am so drawn to tai chi.  The movement of the body moves with the inner energy or the “qi” they call.  The life force.  It has been one of my wishes to learn.  If there’s one thing that I really like to learn to do right now, that would be this practice.

I wonder if Jesus is actually practicing this by being an embodiment of love.  He walks and talks all about love and heavenly things.  When he moves, he moves with grace.  He moves from one place to another coming from the love within.  He just follows his heart.  It is his “qi”–the life force coming from the heart and the body moves in accordance with it.  He knows not where he’s going and yet he just follow his heart.  It makes me think that harmony is what he is demonstrating in his life–his destiny.  So whatever move he makes, the happenings in his journey, as long as he is in a state of harmony, his journey is his destination.

And that is I think what he meant by saving the world.

Processing Emotions
February 13, 2012

Love… love… love…

What does it mean to love?  I wrote once that love is being you.  Being you is just doing things you like without judgment I guess.  I have been the kind of person who say what she wants to say, do what she wants to do, regardless of the norm.

Of course it gets me into trouble.  But I don’t know where did I get the brave heart to speak of what I think is right OR what I think there’s nothing wrong with it.

As long as I don’t have any intention of hurting someone, everything is ok with me.

I remember Whitney Houston’s song “The Greatest Love of all“.  A video post I happen to watch yesterday without knowing that the singer already died.  I quote the song,


“I believe the children is our future.

Teach them well and let them lead the way.

Show them all the beauty they possess inside.

Give them a sense of pride to make it easier.

Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be.


I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone’s shadow.

If I fail, if I succeed, at least I did what I believe.

No matter what they take from me,

they can’t take away my dignity.


Because the greatest love of all is happening to me.

I found the greatest love of all inside of me…

The greatest love of all is easy to achieve.

Learning to love your self is the greatest love of all…”


I write the lyrics as I sing it in my head.  It’s easy to say yes.  Maybe that’s what Ms. Houston was saying.  It’s just easy to say… I suddenly lack emotion yesterday.  I don’t know why.  As if my heart became numb or close that it became incapable of feeling anything.  It was a discomfort of course for I have never felt or if I have I can’t remember what it feels like not to have any feelings.  I was wondering do angels feel that way?  Respond to something but there’s really no emotion.  It’s like everything is fine.

I’ve always believed that what is inside reflects what is outside.  We always have this light inside of us.  But with consumerism, this light is being covered.  Think of something you can do without a pay.

Just for the sheer love of doing it.  You can bike.  You can write, just write down all your thoughts.  You can meditate.  You can draw.  You can look for beautiful webpages.  You can share these beautiful things you’ve found by telling a friend, posting in Facebook, in your blog.  You can try out new things like cooking… Do stargazing…

I think this is love.

We always think of love as something you give to others.  The most difficult sacrifice, the better.  I think it’s one of the changes that is happening now–learning to love our self.




It has been reported among lightworkers circle that there are some people who find themselves undergoing this lack of emotion experience, which is a part of the changes happening as the earth evolves into its sacredness.  That we are becoming angelic humans.




Universal Language
February 10, 2012

“Love is the only language that people truly understand.”

– Letters from a Stranger

Letters from a Stranger is a book I made in 2010.  A handwritten book, which is a compilation of short messages bound with the use of somewhat indigenous-like materials.

Everything was made by hand. The cover, which is felt cloth was sewn with beads in the figure of a girl with a diamond head.  This figure appeared in my artworks in early 2000.  Human figures with diamond heads holding hands as they walk together.  They were tribal themes in my artworks.

In Diana Dorell‘s angel readings, parts of our psyche were the personalities we had in our past lives.  It surfaces in the present life.

At that time when I wrote “Letters from a Stranger,” I felt that I’m becoming a medium.  I don’t know who is speaking through me but I allowed it.

And just yeterday, (synchronicities do really happen) I read about galactic tribes after I posted “Lightworker Echoes” in this journal.

What is this tribal theme about?  It could be about the tribe we belong to in our past life that we may have experienced being ostracized or judged for being too different, as Diana Dorell suggested, which triggers the surfacing of the personality whenever we experience the same in our present life.  So the question was, how can we stop the repeated cycle of acting like a discriminated tribe?

This karmic cycle has to stop and this is a choice I make NOW.

NOW is the time of oneness.  The awakening of our soul in the interconnectedness of all.  When I say ‘interconnectedness of all’, it means not only our connection to all human beings and all other living things on Earth including the natural habitat or our connection to the whole planet, but also our connection to stars, galaxies and the Universe.

I became more aware of this when I became a Science teacher to grade school students.

Science, I may say, including my past experiences of trauma, were the trigger points of going back to Divine Consciousness.

Science has no emotion.  It only describes.  Human experience, on the other hand, evoke the use of the heart.

Early this week, I asked the angels, the faeries and the Realms of Light, why am I taking it all in?

I asked this to confront the happenings in my life for the past 2 years of just taking it all in–all information about lightworkers, light body, starseeds, children of the Sun, meditation, solfeggio music…I find myself in tune to spiritual music.

And I also stumbled upon Mayan Consciousness.  It speaks of the evolution of human consciousness.  It starts from being a monad…fast forward, we moved on to tribal consciousness, and then to national consciousness, and then to industrial consciousness, and then to galactic consciousness, and then to God consciousness.

This is the calendar of the Mayan tribe.  Each day has a purpose to be in harmony with everything as our consciousness evolve.

I guess this is an introduction to the human consciousness of the new paradigm.  We all know it’s nothing new for it has been that way with the Mayan tribes.  So I may say that this is actually a re-introduction of humanity consciousness.  Part of the effect of light consciousness.

My question is why does this tribal theme resurface now?  I think that is to remember the characteristic of a tribe–to be in unity in working together for the common good of both humanity and the earth as our habitat.  Just like how all our internal and external organs work together in unity for the common good of our self as a human being and the whole body itself as a vessel.  This theme helps us in our divine awakening.

This is in relation to my question, why am I taking it all in?  It is the integration of the self–the integration of the parts as a whole.  That my past, present and future self become One in the NOW.  That everything is done every moment.  All is cleared in the NOW.

(It reminds me of parting of the water in the sea when Moses lead the people out of Egypt.  We are crossing that kind of path.)

With this question, the answer I got from the angels was,

“You choose to explore higher states of consciousness.  You chose wisdom.  You volunteered to be–which means to be a world teacher.”

What this means I don’t know.  I have no idea.  All I know is I wanted to be free.

I used to hate Science when I was in Elementary although it was one of the subjects I have high grades.  I was a very studious person then but not exactly for the love of knowledge but just for the sake of having high grades and for my parents to be proud of me.  I was imprisoned in my longing for validation that I’m good.

Well, I free myself now.  I just wanted to play, have fun and be on purpose.

Wait a minute, what is my purpose again?

Yeah, not to take things seriously.

Lightworker Echoes
February 9, 2012

Whatever you choose, you’re always on the right track.

“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can only be transformed from one form to another.”  So is the famous quote of Albert Einstein.  Whether you choose to be rich, poor or middle class, it is just energy out there you transform to be a part of you or you yourself.  That is why any choice you make is right.  There is no mistaking it.  That is the power of choice.

Each choice is energy.  You may think that your choice is your creation.  That is the illusion.  It is there already, you just animate it, transform it, continuously recycling it.

That energy is divine.  That is the sacred in all things.

You can use the energy at your disposal–anytime, anywhere.  It is unlimited, it is always out there.  This energy, which is sacred is available to everyone.

In this world of physical forms, which is also a spiritual dimension has laws that must be honored.  This is the finite in the infinite at its finest.

There is always structure in the spiritual world, one in balance.  The sacred geometry of things.  The mathematics of spiritual science.

This is part of the divine remembrance–that the higher knowledge–the inner wisdom–will break open and shine its light from within until it fills the whole body with divine light.

It is a time of divine awakening.  When souls awaken from their slumber and remember who they are.  (They are infinite consciousness.)

The light consciousness has penetrated in the DNA blueprint of so many.  This spark of light within has gained momentum and travelled through the veins of the “open” person.

You may think that they are the “chosen ones.”  It is just that at the time when light was showered like seeds of light on earth recently, human beings who have an open heart, were the ones who absorbed the light particles.  From then on, it is mutating the genes, reprogramming  into a being of light.  They were later on termed as starseeds.

It feels like voluntary.  Something that many have been waiting for for a very long time to happen despite the hardship of internship for the new human blueprint is finally here.  One that is more connected to the light source.  Opening the DNA double helix strand and transforming it into 12 strands.  Imagine how far the leap is done.  It is so shocking that the existing traumas already in the 3rd dimension where the “open” humans came from were even reinforced due to the big change.

How come you may say that beings from the star nations of our galaxy and maybe even other neighbor galaxies have decided to cast its light, which could be blinding, deafening and fatal to our life origin as humans?  These celestial beings who are far more advanced, bearing multiple intelligences have calculated the capacity of humans to carry and absorb these light most probably through our heart capacity.  With all the prayers and intentions set out to the Universe by our race, it is just the response that we receive from the Universe.  Our neighboring star nations heed the call.

It is like a distress call.  We are always waiting for Superman, for Christ to come as soon as possible so that suffering may end and now, here it is.  The light is here.  At last, it is found within.


What was once only seen in sci-fi movies are now (happening) unfolding in reality.

When I first experienced what was called “channeling”, I started writing things to come like a prophesy, happening in the now and in the future.  It is so out of this world that I felt like an alien–some kind of an extra-terrestrial energy descended upon me and made me a medium.

I got so scared that I try to erase all my memories of it including the messages but deep inside of me, I believe in those things if not the whole even just a part of it.  Deep inside, it makes sense.  Deep inside, it feels real.

As I am programmed to doubt those kinds of extraterrestrial and paranormal things, I rejected it.  I try to eliminate it in my veins for I felt like it has become a part of me.

I don’t exactly know why I resist it.

Some of the messages I remember:

“There comes a time when we use our genius not to progress but to ascend.”

“From the 3rd dimension tribal spirituality to the highest technological advancement, to the 5th dimension heart-centered living…”

“What we used to see in the movies, fiction and non-fiction will now come alive…”

Roughly, these are the words but at that time, it was one of the most extraordinary piece of writing I’ve ever written, a different genre, that I felt like speaking in tongues.  It wasn’t the religious kind of holy spirit that we usually have in mind.  It feels more galactic but has a tinge of angelic at the same time.