Universal Language
February 10, 2012

“Love is the only language that people truly understand.”

– Letters from a Stranger

Letters from a Stranger is a book I made in 2010.  A handwritten book, which is a compilation of short messages bound with the use of somewhat indigenous-like materials.

Everything was made by hand. The cover, which is felt cloth was sewn with beads in the figure of a girl with a diamond head.  This figure appeared in my artworks in early 2000.  Human figures with diamond heads holding hands as they walk together.  They were tribal themes in my artworks.

In Diana Dorell‘s angel readings, parts of our psyche were the personalities we had in our past lives.  It surfaces in the present life.

At that time when I wrote “Letters from a Stranger,” I felt that I’m becoming a medium.  I don’t know who is speaking through me but I allowed it.

And just yeterday, (synchronicities do really happen) I read about galactic tribes after I posted “Lightworker Echoes” in this journal.

What is this tribal theme about?  It could be about the tribe we belong to in our past life that we may have experienced being ostracized or judged for being too different, as Diana Dorell suggested, which triggers the surfacing of the personality whenever we experience the same in our present life.  So the question was, how can we stop the repeated cycle of acting like a discriminated tribe?

This karmic cycle has to stop and this is a choice I make NOW.

NOW is the time of oneness.  The awakening of our soul in the interconnectedness of all.  When I say ‘interconnectedness of all’, it means not only our connection to all human beings and all other living things on Earth including the natural habitat or our connection to the whole planet, but also our connection to stars, galaxies and the Universe.

I became more aware of this when I became a Science teacher to grade school students.

Science, I may say, including my past experiences of trauma, were the trigger points of going back to Divine Consciousness.

Science has no emotion.  It only describes.  Human experience, on the other hand, evoke the use of the heart.

Early this week, I asked the angels, the faeries and the Realms of Light, why am I taking it all in?

I asked this to confront the happenings in my life for the past 2 years of just taking it all in–all information about lightworkers, light body, starseeds, children of the Sun, meditation, solfeggio music…I find myself in tune to spiritual music.

And I also stumbled upon Mayan Consciousness.  It speaks of the evolution of human consciousness.  It starts from being a monad…fast forward, we moved on to tribal consciousness, and then to national consciousness, and then to industrial consciousness, and then to galactic consciousness, and then to God consciousness.

This is the calendar of the Mayan tribe.  Each day has a purpose to be in harmony with everything as our consciousness evolve.

I guess this is an introduction to the human consciousness of the new paradigm.  We all know it’s nothing new for it has been that way with the Mayan tribes.  So I may say that this is actually a re-introduction of humanity consciousness.  Part of the effect of light consciousness.

My question is why does this tribal theme resurface now?  I think that is to remember the characteristic of a tribe–to be in unity in working together for the common good of both humanity and the earth as our habitat.  Just like how all our internal and external organs work together in unity for the common good of our self as a human being and the whole body itself as a vessel.  This theme helps us in our divine awakening.

This is in relation to my question, why am I taking it all in?  It is the integration of the self–the integration of the parts as a whole.  That my past, present and future self become One in the NOW.  That everything is done every moment.  All is cleared in the NOW.

(It reminds me of parting of the water in the sea when Moses lead the people out of Egypt.  We are crossing that kind of path.)

With this question, the answer I got from the angels was,

“You choose to explore higher states of consciousness.  You chose wisdom.  You volunteered to be–which means to be a world teacher.”

What this means I don’t know.  I have no idea.  All I know is I wanted to be free.

I used to hate Science when I was in Elementary although it was one of the subjects I have high grades.  I was a very studious person then but not exactly for the love of knowledge but just for the sake of having high grades and for my parents to be proud of me.  I was imprisoned in my longing for validation that I’m good.

Well, I free myself now.  I just wanted to play, have fun and be on purpose.

Wait a minute, what is my purpose again?

Yeah, not to take things seriously.