Lightworker Echoes
February 9, 2012

Whatever you choose, you’re always on the right track.

“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can only be transformed from one form to another.”  So is the famous quote of Albert Einstein.  Whether you choose to be rich, poor or middle class, it is just energy out there you transform to be a part of you or you yourself.  That is why any choice you make is right.  There is no mistaking it.  That is the power of choice.

Each choice is energy.  You may think that your choice is your creation.  That is the illusion.  It is there already, you just animate it, transform it, continuously recycling it.

That energy is divine.  That is the sacred in all things.

You can use the energy at your disposal–anytime, anywhere.  It is unlimited, it is always out there.  This energy, which is sacred is available to everyone.

In this world of physical forms, which is also a spiritual dimension has laws that must be honored.  This is the finite in the infinite at its finest.

There is always structure in the spiritual world, one in balance.  The sacred geometry of things.  The mathematics of spiritual science.

This is part of the divine remembrance–that the higher knowledge–the inner wisdom–will break open and shine its light from within until it fills the whole body with divine light.

It is a time of divine awakening.  When souls awaken from their slumber and remember who they are.  (They are infinite consciousness.)

The light consciousness has penetrated in the DNA blueprint of so many.  This spark of light within has gained momentum and travelled through the veins of the “open” person.

You may think that they are the “chosen ones.”  It is just that at the time when light was showered like seeds of light on earth recently, human beings who have an open heart, were the ones who absorbed the light particles.  From then on, it is mutating the genes, reprogramming  into a being of light.  They were later on termed as starseeds.

It feels like voluntary.  Something that many have been waiting for for a very long time to happen despite the hardship of internship for the new human blueprint is finally here.  One that is more connected to the light source.  Opening the DNA double helix strand and transforming it into 12 strands.  Imagine how far the leap is done.  It is so shocking that the existing traumas already in the 3rd dimension where the “open” humans came from were even reinforced due to the big change.

How come you may say that beings from the star nations of our galaxy and maybe even other neighbor galaxies have decided to cast its light, which could be blinding, deafening and fatal to our life origin as humans?  These celestial beings who are far more advanced, bearing multiple intelligences have calculated the capacity of humans to carry and absorb these light most probably through our heart capacity.  With all the prayers and intentions set out to the Universe by our race, it is just the response that we receive from the Universe.  Our neighboring star nations heed the call.

It is like a distress call.  We are always waiting for Superman, for Christ to come as soon as possible so that suffering may end and now, here it is.  The light is here.  At last, it is found within.


What was once only seen in sci-fi movies are now (happening) unfolding in reality.

When I first experienced what was called “channeling”, I started writing things to come like a prophesy, happening in the now and in the future.  It is so out of this world that I felt like an alien–some kind of an extra-terrestrial energy descended upon me and made me a medium.

I got so scared that I try to erase all my memories of it including the messages but deep inside of me, I believe in those things if not the whole even just a part of it.  Deep inside, it makes sense.  Deep inside, it feels real.

As I am programmed to doubt those kinds of extraterrestrial and paranormal things, I rejected it.  I try to eliminate it in my veins for I felt like it has become a part of me.

I don’t exactly know why I resist it.

Some of the messages I remember:

“There comes a time when we use our genius not to progress but to ascend.”

“From the 3rd dimension tribal spirituality to the highest technological advancement, to the 5th dimension heart-centered living…”

“What we used to see in the movies, fiction and non-fiction will now come alive…”

Roughly, these are the words but at that time, it was one of the most extraordinary piece of writing I’ve ever written, a different genre, that I felt like speaking in tongues.  It wasn’t the religious kind of holy spirit that we usually have in mind.  It feels more galactic but has a tinge of angelic at the same time.